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Wine 101

Wine 101 is the best place to learn about wine. Whether you're a wine novice or a total pro, we have user-friendly articles to teach you all about types of wine, the wine industry, and how to enjoy wine in everyday life.

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Types of Sparkling Wine: A Guide to Champagne,…

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Port and Sherry? These wines are basically the same, right? Well, not… More

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Pinot Grigio Taste and Buying Guide                                                                               

Pinot Grigio is like that friend you love to invite to your party. They're… More

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Everything You Need to Know About Serving Red Wine

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17 Affordable Wines You Can Always Have On Hand                                                                                                       

You're thrilled when a good friend drops by unannounced. You're less… More

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What is Port Wine?                                             

"No dessert, please. I'd like a glass of Port." Maybe you've heard this at… More

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The Complete Guide to Serving Wine                                                                             

Serving wine can seem intimidating, but it can actually be a breeze. With… More

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How to Order Wine at a Restaurant                                                                           

Even for people who enjoy drinking wine regularly, knowing how to order… More

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Types of White Wine                                               

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A Beginner's Guide to Italian Wine                                                                             

The history of wine in Italy is legendary. Just hearing "Tuscany" conjures… More

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Old World vs. New World Wine: Why You Should Know…

Talking about old world vs new world wine is a reminder that we've been… More

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4 Red Wine Health Benefits Worthy of a Toast                                                                                                 

For many of us, a glass of red wine is a great way to end a long day.… More

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Wine Tasting 101: How to Taste Wine                                                                               

Learning how to taste wine will help you develop your wine palate and… More

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